Pan-Africanism: Haiti, Africa and Us In opposition to Empire – Resisting Africans Wherever Serving as Proxies for Imperialism.



( Every August, this month of reminiscence and marking of heightened battle, we inevitably and unavoidably flip in the direction of Haiti in rightful remembrance and homage. We rightfully bear in mind, elevate up and mirror on its wonderful historical past of waging and profitable a revolutionary and world remodeling liberation battle. And we additionally elevate up and recommit ourselves to its centuries previous, present and ongoing battle to regain its brutally interrupted freedom, and to develop and flourish in its personal time and house.

Certainly, we who assist the fitting of the Haitian individuals to be free, self-determining and sovereign know that African freedom is indivisible, and that Haiti’s historic revolution and liberation battle was a decisive blow for us and victory for African and human freedom on the planet. And we additionally know that the eventual victory of the Haitian individuals in opposition to occupation and oppression can be a shared victory, a shared achieve and good for Haiti, Africa, us and Africans in all places and for humanity as an entire. It’s thus a humorless irony of historical past that two African nations, Kenya and Rwanda, have volunteered to function hirelings and handmaidens, pretentious proxies for imperialist pursuits and forces in Haiti of their persevering with occupation, exploitation, plunder and oppression of Haiti and the Haitian individuals.


Not glad with hiding behind the UN masks of “humanitarian intervention,” the U.S., France, Canada and different members of the so-called CORE Group that ruthlessly rule Haiti below numerous guises, have now proposed that African nations lend a Black face, supply Black our bodies and boots on the bottom for his or her imperial undertaking in and in opposition to Haiti. And Kenya and Rwanda have stated they may play this self-degrading and oppressive position. It’s clearly the sinister position of the mercenary, employed proxies paid with a pittance of salaries for troopers turned hirelings, and favors and funds for the leaders and elites of the 2 nations nonetheless shamelessly tied to the umbilical twine of colonialism, imperialism and White supremacy.

Allow us to be clear about what’s happening right here despite makes an attempt to disguise, deceive, and disarm us in our righteous resistance to this proposed proxy imperialist undertaking. As Nana Haji Malcolm taught us in his dialogue of so-called humanitarian missions within the Congo throughout its independence battle, it’s a method of imperialism to make use of phrases like this to masks mass homicide and oppression. Thus, Haiti doesn’t must be saved from itself, however to be liberated from the U.S. and its co-conspirators and crime companions, the CORE Group, the predatory companies and the oligarchs and native elites sure to imperialist pursuits.

No matter nick identify we give it, occupation is an evil, brutal, murderous and immoral coverage and apply, and thus, it will probably by no means be humane or humanitarian. It’s a cruel, huge and sustained coverage and apply of violence in opposition to weak individuals. Not solely do we’ve the spectacular and instructive proof of historical past, but in addition present and compelling proof of occupations in place with their savage and sustained suppression of the individuals, their racial and spiritual self-righteousness, and their apartheid partitions and methods of oppressing and dehumanizing the individuals. Certainly, no matter “help” that comes, comes with bullets, bombs, rifle butts and routine raids to terrorize and repress, and with cold-blooded killers known as armies, assassins, police, particular forces, interrogators and torturers, useful resource robbers and predators of each form.

Allow us to not overlook this nation’s historical past of occupation of Haiti, first in 1915-1934 after which in 2004 till now. In 1915, the U.S. invaded Haiti, seized its gold reserves, its funds, banking, business and farming, imposing a semi-enslaved labor system. They rewrote the structure and made land theft obtainable to them, censored the press, launched racist and Jim Crow insurance policies and practices and ruthlessly hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, killed and suppressed Haitian leaders and the Haitian individuals who resisted. And in 2004, the U.S. started its second occupation of Haiti and overthrew and kidnapped the primary and solely democratically elected chief of Haiti, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, taking him to the Central African Republic for some unknown destiny. He was rescued and aided in receiving political asylum from South Africa by Atty. Randall Robinson and Congresswoman Maxine Waters and he returned to Haiti in 2011 to proceed the liberation battle.

Since 2004, the U.S. below each administration has ridden roughshod over the rights and lives of the Haitian individuals. They’ve routinely denied Haitians the fitting to hunt asylum, deported them in huge numbers, attacked and racistly mistreated them on the border and continues to rule them with an iron racist hand, outlawing individuals and events that oppose them, sponsoring and letting run wild in opposition to the individuals the armed paramilitary teams that they arm and permit to be armed in opposition to the individuals. Furthermore, they’re rapaciously robbing the nation of its pure sources imposing a poverty on it it mustn’t have if the individuals have been allowed to profit from their very own pure riches equivalent to bauxite, copper, gold, pure gasoline and considerable oil.

Once more we’ve right here a brutal and brutalizing violation and denial of the self-determination and sovereignty of the Haitian individuals, their pure proper to be free and unbiased, to deliberate collectively and make important choices about their future and each day lives. And sending continental African army troops or getting Vice President Kamala Harris and Home Minority chief Hakim Jefferies or CARICOM to co-sign this proposed entrenchment of occupation and oppression of the Haitian individuals doesn’t add legitimacy to an illegitimate and immoral undertaking. Propping up puppets to faux Haitians are in management, offering safety for the predatory companies and others to proceed their predation and plunder, and to extend police energy to terrorize and suppress the individuals is just not a humane, humanitarian path to rebuilding Haiti and serving the wants of the individuals. Certainly, it solely will increase the impoverishment, disempowerment and excessive struggling of the individuals, continued corruption, and the enlargement of organized crime on the avenue stage and the extent of the worldwide felony imperialist enterprise.



End story right here; Pan-Africanism: Haiti, Africa and Us In opposition to Empire – Resisting Africans Wherever Serving as Proxies for Imperialism.