Black People, Asian People, Mexican People, and White People: They Search To Steal Your Vote.



( Sure nefarious, satanic forces, some international others home, are working time beyond regulation to suppress the turnout of eligible Black voters within the upcoming 2024 presidential and Congressional elections. It’s not a brand new improvement.

Up to now, there have been people who used lynching, ballot taxes, bombs and homicide to frighten and intimidate Blacks from voting. At this time they’ve substituted burning crosses, hoods and white sheets with extra subtle methods of their makes an attempt to suppress and steal Black votes.

Because the 2020 election Republican managed state legislatures all through the nation have enacted legal guidelines that many voting rights advocates consider will make it harder for eligible Blacks voters to solid their votes. Efforts to suppress Blacks from voting are as a lot part of America as apple pie and violence.

Nonetheless, it’s extra the subtle efforts to suppress the Black vote that are of higher concern and alarm. Nefarious, satanic forces are hoping to hoodwink and bamboozle Black voters into both not voting or losing their vote on third celebration candidates whose candidacies are designed to dilute Black voting energy. The objective is to silence Black voices and steal their votes.

In response to US intelligence companies, Russian sponsored operatives have been trying to trigger chaos and confusion to undermine the election and public confidence within the US political system. These Russian sponsored operatives have focused Black voters specifically hoping to develop distrust, division and alienation. The Russian operatives aren’t the one ones trying to dilute Black political energy.

Varied homegrown forces are at work who hope to make use of disinformation, misinformation and outright lies to sow mistrust, frustration, anger, alienation, doubt and division amongst Black voters. These homegrown nefarious, satanic forces include white supremacts, white nationalist, neo-nazis in addition to main political celebration operatives.

They use the web and social media web sites to unfold their poison. Like a catfish they current themselves as being somebody apart from who they’re. Some will try to current themselves as being Black when in reality they’re something however Black.

What they’re, nevertheless, is demonic, diabolical and evil. They’re good at selling false narratives, bogus arguments, vacuous conspiracy theories and distractions.

As one very despicable immoral degenerate racist from the to not distant previous acknowledged

“Should you inform a lie sufficiently big and preserve repeating it, folks will finally come to consider it.” This perverted sentiment is clearly in vogue as we speak in sure political circles and manifested on a regular basis on the web, social media web sites and cable disinformation shops.

Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at a number of of the false narratives, bogus arguments, lies and distractions which might be being extensively disseminated on the web, social media web sites and even cable “information” shops.

Because of the newly enacted open borders coverage the US is being invaded at its southern border by drug smugglers, rapists and all method of criminals.

America going again to colonial occasions has had an open borders coverage. Everybody had free entry into America. Nonetheless, as soon as it grew to become a nation, legal guidelines have been handed which banned Chinese language nationals in 1882 from immigrating to the US and immigrants from Japan in 1907. Up till 1921 apart from the ban on Chinese language and Japanese nationals all who needed might come and settle in America/US.

That’s not to say all have been equally welcomed. From the outset there was a bias from lots of the freedom of faith Protestants towards Catholics. However, there have been no legal guidelines enacted which particularly singled out Catholics from getting into America/US.

They have been additionally just like as we speak’s anti-immigration actions, none of which have been profitable.   Anti-immigration actions fueled by xenophobia, bigotry and ignorance and championed by nativists,  political opportunists and reprobates.

Not solely was there an open borders coverage, colonial governments and later the fledgling US authorities actively inspired immigrants to return to populate and develop the colonies and later the nation.

Lots of the earliest immigrants have been indentured servants. Previous to leaving Europe to return to America indentured servants entered into agreements indicating they might work for a interval of seven years with out pay. In return for his or her seven years of free labor their transportation value in addition to their shelter and meals value can be borne by their land proudly owning sponsor.

With the completion of their obligation the indentured servant now categorised as a free man in lots of circumstances can be given a parcel of land to personal and develop.

These early immigrants got here from all through Europe in clusters and waves settling collectively in separate, distinct communities. Only a few of them had any data or documentation. Extra vital none have been requested.

The early immigrants weren’t required to make an utility or register to return to America and later the US. They weren’t given exams. There was no requirement to talk English. There have been no necessities after the US was shaped for them to hunt citizenship. Nor was there any demand.

In the course of the interval from 1619 till 1808 roughly 400,000 enslaved Africans have been dropped at America/US. In 1808 the US outlawed the transporting of enslaved Africans into the US. Enslaved Africans have been nonetheless introduced into the US illegally after 1808 and it might take virtually one other 60 years earlier than the establishment of slavery was outlawed fully within the US.

Nonetheless, to categorise the pressured inhumanity, immoral transport of enslaved Africans as immigrants overextends the that means of that phrase to the purpose that it loses that means.

The one immigrants who got here to America who had some documentation have been the 50,000 to 60,000 British convicts that Britain pressured to return to America. For a lot of of these convicts it was principally “give me liberty or give me dying,” The convicts got a alternative between banishment to America or the dying penalty.

Britain was not the one nation at the moment or later which used America to rid itself of its despised and deplorables.  America and later the US was by no means a melting pot however from its inception actually and figuratively a dumping floor.

It was these despised and deplorable earlier immigrants, filth poor with little, if any, formal training and even much less abilities who supplemented the sweat of the over $100 trillion in uncompensated pressured labor of enslaved Africans which made America and later the US an financial energy.

From the earliest colonial days till 1921, the American/US borders have been fully vast open for anybody to return into America and later the US. That’s everybody with the exception as prior talked about Japanese and Chinese language nationals and after 1808 enslaved Africans. Japanese and Chinese language nationals did enter the US illegally primarily by means of Canada.

The legal guidelines which banned Japanese and Chinese language nationals have been xenophobic, inhuman, racist and immoral. It’s extremely questionable if a regulation which is xenophobic,  inhuman, racist and immoral can or must be thought-about authorized.

In 1921 and tightened in 1924, the US enacted legal guidelines which adopted for the primary time ever a proper registration and utility course of for people searching for to immigrate to the US. It additionally established quotas as to the variety of individuals entitled to return from every nation.

The quota system developed gave choice to people coming from Northern and Western Europe. Nonetheless, there have been limits positioned on the variety of people which might come from nations in Southern and Jap Europe.

There was concern that people from Southern and Jap Europe, specifically the big variety of Catholics from these areas, would owe their allegiance to the pope and to not a US president. The quota put into code the bias towards Catholics which existed because the inception of America.

Protestants got here from Europe searching for spiritual freedom solely to indicate intolerance and prejudice in direction of Catholics and different religions. There are particular traits about People which have remained fixed from colonial days till present occasions. They’re intolerance, inhumanity, violence, racism and hypocrisy.

An oblique tragedy of the anti-Cathloic bias which restricted people from Southern and Jap Europe resulted in from 250,000 to 300,000 Southern and Jap Europe Jews who sought immigration to flee the horrors of nazism and fascism from having the ability to come to the US. Many of those people would finally die in focus and dying camps.

The ban on people from China and Japan was stored in place by the 1921 and 1924 immigration legal guidelines.

The 1921 and 1924 immigration legal guidelines didn’t set up any quotas for people who sought to immigrate from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central or South American. People from these areas have been free to immigrate to the US.

The narrative of a newly enacted open borders coverage being unfold by varied political components within the US as we speak is fake and easily devoid of the details. The overwhelming majority of the tens of millions of immigrants who got here to America/US from its inception got here by means of fully open borders with no paperwork, no paperwork and none was requested. The false narrative of a newly enacted open borders coverage  is only one of many distractions to direct the eyes and a focus of People away from actual points which plague the US.

Immigrants and open borders are chargeable for the US’ drug disaster.

The US certainly is experiencing a drug and substance abuse disaster. However it’s not due to immigration. The US’ drug disaster is as a result of there are too many individuals residing within the US who really feel and/or should use medicine and different substances to get them by means of the day.

It’s the typical provide and demand equation. If there’s a demand there’s a provide. If there isn’t a demand there isn’t a provide.

The US has a psychological well being problem which as a nation it refuses to acknowledge and handle. Drug and substance abuse is simply one of many signs of the psychological well being problem the US is experiencing.

As well as, the unlawful drug trade is huge cash. It’s one the US’ greatest industries.

If it was not for the US’ unlawful drug trade there can be a complete lot of individuals most likely unemployed and/or employed in much less worthwhile strains of labor.

I’m not referring to drug sellers. I’m referring to the judges, prosecutors, attorneys and different court docket attendants, bail personnel, regulation enforcement and correction officers. A good portion of those people owe their continued employment to the unlawful drug trade.

One might conclude that the US authorities was by no means critical about stopping unlawful medicine from coming into the nation. For 50 years if not longer the US authorities has had the know-how to observe each ship, boat, airplane, prepare, bus, no matter type of transportation into the US to detect and seize each ounce of unlawful medicine coming into the US.

If the US can ship rockets to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and past and seize detailed photographs and images tens of millions of miles in area it might appear the US authorities might use that very same know-how to observe each ship, boat, airplane, prepare, bus, no matter type of transportation into the US.

The US authorities has had the know-how nevertheless it clearly has not had the need or the need.

One should conclude there’s an excessive amount of cash within the unlawful drug trade.

The truth is there’s a lot cash within the unlawful drug trade that states after as soon as launching simply say “no” public relations campaigns are falling throughout themselves to enter the hashish market. The billion greenback query is how quickly will or not it’s earlier than states determine that cocaine, heroin and prostitution like alcohol, playing and hashish will likely be good income for tax coffers?

Immigrants are taking American jobs.

The xenophobes, misinformed, political harlots and others are appropriate, immigrants come into the US and take American jobs. Nonetheless, they aren’t taking jobs from People. They’re doing the roles that People are unwilling and refuse to take.

These immigrants maybe foolishly consider within the American dream. Native born People consider in hitting the lottery or suing somebody for an enormous payday. As for native born People 40 or youthful all of them need to be creators and influencers. Thank god for the immigrants in any other case we might most likely starve to dying.

At the moment, immigrants are costing the taxpayers cash and are receiving all these authorities advantages.

Completely unfaithful. The very reverse is true.

Latest Immigrants aren’t being given any particular advantages that Americans aren’t receiving nor are they asking for particular advantages. Their need is identical as immigrants because the inception of America and that’s to have the ability to “sit below their fig and none make them afraid”, having the ability to present for his or her households and see their youngsters have a greater life than they did.

Not solely do immigrants not eat up tax {dollars}, immigrants add to tax coffers once they buy clothes, meals and different requirements.

A wave of immigrants are flooding the southern border.

That’s true. However it’s just like the story of the 2 orphans who cried that they have been orphans after killing their mother and father. The humanitarian crises on the southern border is the direct results of dangerous US political and financial international insurance policies over a few years in the past again to the late Nineteen Forties in coping with the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. For each motion there’s an equal and reverse response.

At the moment, there’s a wave of Venezuelan immigrants on the southern border. For years the US authorities tried to destabilize the Venezuelan authorities and its economic system as a result of it refused to be a US puppet. Should you destabilize a nation you possibly can anticipate the folks from that nation to finish up at your borders.

Hunter Biden.

If Hunter Biden walked proper previous me I’d not know who he was or care. For Congressional members to waste tax {dollars} and time supposedly investigating Biden’s son in an try to discredit President Biden politically is a dereliction of obligation. It could be the identical dereliction of obligation if Congressional Democrats have been to waste time and taxpayer monies supposedly investigating Trump’s youngsters.

Households particularly youngsters have been off limits when there was decorum and honorable women and men in Congress. Hunter Biden will not be a difficulty no matter how a lot some attempt to spin it.

In response to media reviews, Hunter Biden has had a historical past of substance abuse and emotional

challenges. That’s not in contrast to a complete lot of People and American households.

His mother and father have indicated their love for his or her son. That’s what mother and father do. They love their youngsters and stand by them regardless.

Some may really feel attacking Hunter Biden is sweet politics. Not solely is it not good politics, it lacks integrity, decency, humanity, compassion and Christianity.

There are a number of different unusable, untruthful and unfathomable points, narratives and spins that will likely be offered by a large solid of charlatans, imposters and simply plain liars now and till election day. Be alert, be cautious, be watchful. Don’t fall for the okey-doke.

It’s most likely asking an excessive amount of however hopeful there will likely be those that will try to concentrate on the actual points going through People. Not faux narratives, bogus points, irrational conspiracy theories, fairy tales and different distractions being unfold all through the web, social media websites and cable information shops.

Such points as to why is the US not the primary most secure nation? Why isn’t the US primary by way of high quality of life? Why is the US not primary by way of finest for kids?

Why is the US not primary by way of healthcare? Why is the US not primary by way of longest life expectancy? Why is the US not quantity by way of lowest wealth inequality?

Why is the US not primary by way of lowest maternal mortality fee? Why is the US not primary in psychological nicely being?

Not solely is the US not quantity in any of these classes however in none of these classes is the US one of many high ten.

Actual difficulty, not disinformation, misinformation and outright lies is required within the 2024 presidential and Congressional elections. Don’t enable nefarious, satanic forces to steal your vote, your humanity, your pleasure, your soul.

Workers Author; Al Alatunji

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